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Pick-N-Glider Footstool

Here at The Original Pick-N-Glider manufacturing facility, we are always working to develop products that will make your playing time more enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. Our new Pick-N-Glider Footstool is the latest addition to our line of quality musician's furniture. Of course it is made from quality hardwoods and the finest materials available and it looks are right on with our Original Pick-N-Glider. More importantly however is how it performs. Our Footstool is angled just right to give you the best position possible when propping your foot up. While playing an instrument, the natural freedom of movement in a Pick-N-Glider is what makes the experience so comfortable and enjoyable. Being able to prop up one or both of your feet gives you more options to achieve a position that suites you best when playing. These two products together, work in concert to create the absolute best environment available today for playing a musical instrument. If you have any questions about any of our products please call us and ask away. We enjoy speaking with all our satisfied customers. Thanks again!

Bert Christopher

The NEW! Footstool is only $119.00. When shipped with an Orginal Pick-n-Glider, there are no additional shipping costs and the stools are discounted $20.00. Shipped separately, the shipping cost through is listed below. Please click the correct box for your region.

(IMPORTANT: If you're going to buy both the Pick-N-Glider and the footstool, please order from the Pick-N-Glider or Pick-N-Glider Plus page, not from here.)

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